Who I Am

Here are a few things for you to get to know who I am!

Family Photo

Friday Wedding Photography was founded by me, Travis, in an attempt to prioritize family and relationships. While referring out to my many awesome photographer friends all of my Saturday inquiries, I would pursue only Friday weddings while shooting engagement photos and the rest during the week.

Since I mentioned family, lets dive into who I am.

First and foremost I’m a father to 2 beautiful little girls Clara and EllaMae and a husband to my even more beautiful wife Kyleigh. Clara enjoys watching Super Why, playing with dolls, turning tupperware dishes into toys, and being pulled around in her pink plastic wagon. EllaMae is just sitting up and about to learn to roll over in the next month or so. Kyleigh is finishing up school at Augsburg College in Minneapolis with her Biology degree.

I am a bit of a technology junkie and geek when it comes to electronics. Whether it’s the newest phone, computer, or camera, I usually know everything about the best that’s out there. If there was one thing out there that I enjoy doing most, however, it’s probably learning. I love hearing stories and learning from other people’s life experiences. Sometimes those stories circle around grand adventures and road trips, other times it can be as simple as a fun new wedding photography technique. My grandma might share a story about growing up without electricity while my buddy Preston might share some ideas on business and marketing.

If I were to have an extra half hour and needed a mental break or some inspiration, I’d be way more likely to pull up Youtube or Vimeo than to grab the TV remote. Speaking about TV, we do however enjoy watching re-runs of Scrubs and Modern Family. I prefer regular over decaf, sweet mocha’s more than lattes or espresso, and you can never have to much cream and sugar. For Christmas this last year, I may have found myself singing “All I want for Christmas is a” K-Cup machine. I take that back, that might have started at Thanksgiving. Now I enjoy ordering the variety pack off Amazon for a delicious variety.

I used to drive a pickup, which I REALLY enjoyed because I could go off roading, however being the big family guy I’ve resorted to a Ford Focus. Someday I hope to be cool enough to make a video like the parent rap. Probably when the girls are a little older and we have a big dog like a Golden Retriever or Chow or Red Lab.

While I grew up in the country, we now live just 15 minutes north of downtown Minneapolis and about 1/2 mile from Springbrook Nature Center. It’s been a bit of an adjustment going from 10 acres to a 1/2 acre lot in suburbia, but it’s so much more convenient for everything in life!

If you talk with me for very long, you’ll notice my ambition and drive to accomplish things. I strongly believe that we were designed to be more than just followers and consumers, we were created to make and contribute out of our very own uniqueness and each of us has a purpose. Our challenge is to embrace our purpose, individuality, and personal ambitions to make a positive change in this world.

Since high school I’ve pretty much lived by 2 quotes:

1) “BE where you are”. I heard this quote on a missions trip to Belize from my old youth pastor. He challenged us to not be overwhelmed by the stress or fears of our situation but to be present to “place” and embrace where we are at right now. Experience the moment for what it is. That’s partly why I’ve pursued wedding photography. I want my couple’s to be where they are, embrace the moment, and let my expertise of capturing beautiful images have creative freedom. Rather than having a stressful session we have fun. We capture images reflecting your true personality and emotions in the moment.

2) “Life is too short not to do what you love”. I’ve realized at a young age that I don’t want to be locked up in a cubicle working a job I hate while still struggling to get by doing a job I’m not passionate about. Rather than working my whole life to retire one day and finally “live the dream”, I’m living the dream every day.

My last quote is one I just picked up and it’s pretty powerful. “I want to do work I love and get paid for it”. For me, this quote makes it a personal statement about wanting to work hard and to do something I really enjoy. Contrasting this with the mindset of getting rich so you can be lazy, this is a pretty powerful quote. The last part isn’t to get rich, instead it simply says “get paid” for it. Meaning, it’s doing something I love in such a way that people find it valuable and want to take care of my physical needs of money in our society. It’s me providing my best skill set and others rewarding my hard artistic efforts.

Lastly, I just want to leave you with this. I think the purpose of life is to fall in love and make a difference through your life story and future generations. So never give up and always keep following your dreams.

I know I will.

And that is who I am.

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