Which camera phone should I get?

Camera Phone


It seems like the camera phone market is really going through a re-invention right now. On one hand, you have phones growing larger and more powerful with each generation. At the same time – it seems like only a handful of phones ever push for true – photography performance (iPhone + Nokia 41MP camera phone + Sony QX1000 Camera Phone).

I can see a number of reasons for this.
1) People take photos to share experiences. Point and shoots give you “better” quality photos with a flash for low light – but they are not made for sharing and being social. It’s hard to instagram from your fancy 5d Mark III.
2) People like thin pockets. (I may not have hard stats but it seems right) People don’t like carrying around a phone (which is already becoming the size of a small notebook) in addition to a 3/4″ thick (or more) camera. Stack these together and you’ll either scratch your phone or your camera screen / lens. We just don’t have room for extra cameras.
3) Extra battery to keep charged

From a professional standpoint, it could be nice sharing high resolution / better quality images with this Sony camera dealio, but honestly if you are going to be that dedicated – why not just throw an Eye-Fi card into your 5d3′s SD slot and save just low resolution JPG’s to it – that’ll continuously sync to your iPhone throughout the wedding day and you can Instagram actual wedding photos without having to carry that extra lens around all day…

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