Wedding Photo Gallery

Wedding photo gallery of images taken by Minneapolis Minnesota based Friday Wedding Photography.

Bride and groom going up stairs at the Minnesota Science Museum

This first image was taken at a real wedding at the Minnesota Science Museum in St Paul MN. It was taken while I was actually working with another photographer. I took this first image while photographing a wedding with another photographer. The other photographer had been taking images outside on the large patio over looking the Mississippi river. While I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired, the idea for this picture just popped into my head. I had the other photographer hold the couple downstairs while I rocketed up the elevator and positioned myself to capture this beautiful image! This image is a clear example of the benefits to having two professional wedding photographers on your big day. I knew right exactly when I was going up the elevator that this could be an image I want in my wedding photo gallery.

bride and groom kissing on stairway with blowing veil in wind - wedding photo gallery

Are you worried that it is supposed to be windy on your big day? You do not have to worry! I will capture beautiful images that embrace the elements! I guarantee it. With the love you have for each other and my mad photographic skills there is nothing to worry about. We will create images that deserve to be in my wedding photo gallery.

Engagement photo intimate scene Ron and Tania near the stone arch bridge In Minneapolis MN

This wedding couple was so full of joy that it made me just smile the entire session. You could just tell how happy they were together and how well their personalities fit together! I took this wedding photo gallery image during the winter because they loved the outdoors and everything about the winter. One of the things that brides should know about the “Friday Wedding Photography” style is that I always focus on pulling true emotions and actually having FUN during your photo shoot. Your true smile isn’t the result of a lifetime of people telling you to “smile” at the camera. Your true smile is the expression you have after your partner tickled your funny bone, gave you flowers, left you an encouraging note saying “make it a great day – I love you”. My job is just to put you in an environment where those emotions naturally flow and to use my photography skills to capture that real emotion.

Winter engagement photo of  Ron and Tania near the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis

Wondering about where you should take your wedding day photos? Just leave me a note when you fill out the connect form!



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