Photography Meets Android – Samsung Galaxy NX mirrorless digital camera

I keep going back and forth on whether having an “android” operating system in my camera would be that attractive as a professional photographer. As a consumer, what really clicked in my mind was when I saw a similar camera to the Samsung Galaxy NX mirrorless digital camera.

Samsung Galaxy NX mirrorless digital camera

I was able to snap some quick photos that normally would have been taken with a cell phone. The ability to shoot WAY BETTER quality images than your phone (with a real built in flash, replaceable batteries, longer zoom, higher MP, etc) and not have to manage image files like a typical camera seems like a dream. Not having to import / edit / export / upload images would make photography seem so effortless. Just snap the photo on your camera – open up VSCOCAM – do your edits on the few images you want to share and upload right while you’re standing there less than 5 minutes of when you’re done shooting over wifi.

Having been back and forth from Blackberry, to iPhone, to Android, to iPhone, to Android again – this time I got a top of the line Android and absolutely love it. I’m a heavy user and with the high quality screen and ability to edit photos and have them look really good at times – means I can enjoy photos without feeling the headache associated after a shoot.

That said – as a consumer using a camera for personal things like Christmas, birthday celebrations, soccer games, etc. I would really consider one of these Android cameras just for their ease of use. At the very least, I’d like to see other ultra-easy ways to get photos onto our mobile devices (tablets and phones) without having to use cables or taking anything longer than 10 seconds total. I want that ability to shoot – open Instagram – select “last photo” add a filter – tag a friend – and post within 60 seconds of taking the photo.

Will I be replacing my professional gear with this Samsung Galaxy NX mirrorless digital camera for weddings? Nope. But would I register for one of these if I were getting married today? You betcha! I’d love to get my hands on one for a longer period of time and really put it through it’s paces!


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