Questions To Ask BEFORE You Hire Your Friday Wedding Photographer


I love questions. Questions clarify things, questions identify what’s happening below the surface. Questions answer uncertainty. So here’s my question.

Are some questions better than others?

That is a tricky question! I was raised with mixed advice. Some people told me that there was no such thing as a bad question, others would say “that’s a dumb question” and never provide an answer. But are some questions better than others when it comes to hiring your Friday wedding photographer?

I think so.

Some questions cut to the heart of the matter, the root cause of the problem, the hidden issue nobody wants to answer. Questions that make a difference.

For instance, does it matter what camera your wedding photographer is using for your wedding? Not nearly as much as “do you bring backup equipment if something breaks?” That second question can make or break your wedding memories. Literally. And yes, I bring backup equipment.

Rather than asking “how long have you been in business” (which is important), a better question to ask is “will you actually be the photographer at my wedding”. Many of the large wedding companies outsource their photographers.

It’s not bad to ask your photographer questions like “how long they have been in business” and “how many weddings you photographed” aren’t important, but I think it’s equally important to ask “will you actually be the photographer at my wedding” and “are the images on your website from actual weddings you shot”. Experience does matter in regards to a lot of things – but if a photographer has been doing weddings for 2 or 3 years full time, they might actually be more in tune with the current trends and styles in comparison to the business that’s been around since the 80′s.

Currently it’s super easy for a photographer to take great images from a workshop where they took pre-posed images with professional lighting and professional models. These are called “styled shoots” where the photographer pays to learn how to take beautiful images. The real problem is that bride’s go to a photographers website, they see these images, and then they get devastated when they get their own wedding photos back where they don’t look anything like what’s on their website. That’s why it’s important to ask “are all of the images on your website from real client weddings” or “are all of the styled shoot images clearly marked as such”?

These are the questions to ask before you hire your Friday Wedding Photographer.

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