Photo Editing with a Gaming Controller

Photo Editing

There are many perks to being a photographer. You get to take lots of beautiful pictures and spend hours photo editing them to hearts content. One of the not so beautiful tasks is going through and weeding out the best from the not-the-best. Then there is the basic editing of the final “picks” where you make your corrections and initial enhancements. For a simple portrait session of perhaps 100 images, this might not take that long. When editing a wedding or event that has 1500-3000 images between multiple photographers, well that starts to take a lot longer to edit. Any new tool that saves time from editing and gives me more time towards shooting or working more directly with clients is definitely something of interest.
That’s why this “Cullinator” caught my attention, it was developed using the more ergonomic gaming controller rather than a mouse or keyboard for the basic edits. Here’s the video I found online about it.

FYI: This video is from a separate company and we are not associated with them in any way!
The Cullinator - Editing via game controller

Not only being more comfortable but being FASTER is super appealing.
So what do you think? Would it take away from editing if I was using a gaming controller?

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