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Photo of wedding photographer Travis (owner of Friday Wedding Photography) and Kyleigh

Here’s a brief rundown of my story in becoming Friday Wedding Photography.

I got started in wedding photography back in 2006 while I was also photographing high school seniors, family portraits, children pictures, and pretty much anything people wanted to hire me for. It was only through working as a 2nd photographer. When you hire a photographer and they say that their package includes “two photographers”, they usually hire out other wedding photographers who also have their own business but happen to have the day available. Anyways, I began “2nd shooting” and it wasn’t long before I was getting high praises for my work and referrals to be a “lead” photographer. Since then, I’ve been shooting wedding photography ever since.

Fast forward to summer of 2011 when our first daughter was born and fall of 2012 when we had our second little girl, I started thinking about my future and what I envision their lives growing up. That’s where problems started to pop up.

I hated the thought of my two little girls having no dad every Saturday.

No soccer games, no birthday parties, no piano recitals, no spelling bees, no tournaments… The problem with the business of wedding photographer is that they usually happen when everyone wants to get together. And it’s hard to take a day off when you only work 1 or 2 days a week, because it’s practically like taking a whole weeks worth of pay to just attend a tiny event. The problem, realizing it more and more, is that these little events are what makes up a child’s life and memories.

The thought of missing so many events in my two girls lives made me seriously consider stop photographing weddings all together. I could still do the occasional wedding for a friend, I thought, but pursue other ventures Monday through Friday to pay the bills. Then it clicked. Throughout a conversation with another wedding photographer friend of mine Preston, he pushed me to really consider becoming the Friday wedding photographer. He challenged me that I could still do the absolute best Friday wedding photography in Minnesota and have Saturdays to spend with my family. After all, looking back at 2012, I had done about half Friday weddings anyways! He challenged and encouraged me that if there is something I want, with the right work and creativity anything is possible.

What will I do with the other 4 days of the week?  The best part about focusing on just Friday wedding photography is that it will give me time to grow the other business I launched at the end of 2012 called Provid Films. Provid Films focuses on cinematic video production for a variety of customers ranging from high end weddings to commercial producers. Friday Wedding Photography will allow me to continue expanding that area of my creativity!

If you connect with my story and think I might be a good fit for your vision and style, please note we currently have VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY for 2013 weddings! I would highly suggest before doing anything else, fill out the “Quick Availability Checker” to save your time! ↓↓↓↓↓↓

- Travis



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